Accommodation service

When you get the accommodation service from us you will have a serviced apartment available for you stay. These apartments function like a hotel room with much more privacy and extra space that includes private  kitchen  and living room not availble in hotels. They are fully furnished and we include towels + bed linen so you just have to come with your usual travel baggage. Periodically we provide maid service (twice per week) and clean linen; and multimedia appliances for your leasure time or work (TV, music, Internet, DVD ....)


You reserve online or by email or phone, then we give you the confirmation & instructions to follow at your arrival;
HGif requested by us, you send us a reservation deposit;
HGthe day of your arrival, we meet in the place specified into the instructions (or we pick you up if you requested it) & you check-in (12 AM unless differently agreed): we register your identification data and you make your payment (you are automatically subject to our damage refund policy & rules of conduct);
HGyou enjoy your stay & communicate with us in case of any question or problem;
HGthe day of your departure, we meet & you check-out (12 AM unless differently agreed).

Included in the  accommodation
Payment, damage refund & conduct

Pick-up transportation
If you requested it, we will pick you up at the agreed time & place (from the airport extra charge of 25Euro).

 You will be given maximun 2 pair of  keys for which you are responsible. If you loose a set ok keys you must refund them with 10 Euro.

House cleaning/maid service
At the time of your accommodation you will have to specify your request for house cleaning or maid service: days/hours for the cleaning. We provide without any extra charge 2 apt cleanings per week, clean bed linen once per week & clean towels twice per week. Additional cleanings are charged 5 Euro each, additional clean towel or linen 5 Euro each.

Hot water all the time
In bucharest hot water is centralized and controlled by the municipaly. Therefore it can happen that they shut down the hot water for maintenance. We have electrical instant water boilers that guarantee hot showers. When you warn us that this happens we will come and put it in function.

Multimedia appliances
Internet connection, TV set, DVD + DiVx player, Music set MP3 & CD compatible, Home Theatre system, CDs with recorded movies are usually present in each apartment (see details of each apt).

Bed Linen
We will provide bed linen (100% quality cotton and modern design, mostly with uniform light colors) following your beds request in you reservation. 1 Clean bedding set per week; for any extra set we will charge you 5 Euro. We provide pillows with both natural down+fether filling and synthetic hypoallergenic filling. In any case no more than 1 set per accommodated person. In case of unremovable stain to any piece of the set, the full bedding set must be refunded by an amount of 50 Euro.

We will provide one set of towels (100% quality cotton, white or uniform light colors) for accommodated person; twice per week clean towels; for any extra set we will charge you 5 Euro. One set is composed of 1 big towel + 1 medium towel.

Kitchen & bath supplies
We include the following supplies sufficient at least for the initial period of stay: liquid soap for body, hygenic toilet paper, detergent for dishes, sugar & oil & salt for cooking, Italian coffee maker (moka) or filter coffee maker (electric) along with ground coffee! The kitchen is supplied with quality cuttlery, dishes, pots & pans, glasses, can & bottle openers.

Methods of payment
The payment can be done by:
- cash

Credit Card payment (extra charge of 4%) through PayPal for total protection against fraud. We will send you an email with an invoice and a secure link to PayPal site where you will make your payment .... we will never see your card number since the guarantor PayPal will process your credit card payment and then they will send us the money.
 paypalcredit card: visa, mastercard, discover, american express, echeck
- bank transfer (bank expenses charged on the client) to one of our bank accounts.

Reservation deposit
Reservations for long periods need to be confirmed by a deposit that we will agree on.

Time of payment
The full payment(up to 14 days of stay) must be done at the entrance of the guest(s) in the apartment.
If you reserved for more than 14 days, you do the remaining payments every 14 days.

Damage refund policy
You will be held responsible for any material damage and you will refund us by the amount we will communicate to you.

Rules of conduct
During your stay you will have to keep a quiet behaviour so that you won't disturb neighbours. No noise at night time in the apt, no noise all the time and reserved, respectfull behaviour in the hall, elevator and floor of the building. You are responsible of any guest that you have: same rules apply to them. In case of not observance of these rules 
you will expulsed from the apartment without any reimboursement.