Prices, discounts & waiting list

Price calculation & long-stay discount

The longer you stay the cheaper you daily rate becomes (see table for details).

*From 1 to 2 days:  +7 Euro/day in case of Exclusive apts.
* For more than 2 persons per apt: +7 Euro/day each additional person.

First 7 days*After 7th day
(10% discount)
Exclusive apartment
if apt. detail page shows 50 Euro/day 45 Euro/day
Essential apartment
if apt. detail page shows 32 Euro/day32 Euro/day (no discount)

Last-Minute Discount*

If you reserve an apartment the day before your arrival, you get a 10% discount.
To get it just mention it when you do your reservation!

*This discount cannot be cumulated with the long-stay discount.